Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Our newspaper of record …

… Most Popular President In History To Be Inaugurated In Secret Behind Giant Wall Guarded By Thousands Of Soldiers | The Babylon Bee.

I do understand that the humor-challenged among us — God bless them — may not be amused.


  1. For someone who is appalled at what took place 2 weeks ago, and finds so much of Trump's behavior despicable, the insults and treatment of anyone who disagrees with his personality needs, the big talk from a real coward, the best that satire like this can do, is give insight into his supporters' psyche, how they are dealing with the horrible events. But, it is difficult.

    No one cares whether Biden is or will be the most popular president. It must be an insult to Trump supporters that Trump is not the most popular. So maybe there's projection taking place, that if Biden beat Trump, then the one they were all gaga over, never was as popular as they wanted him to be. Indeed, Trump not only is the first president to be impeached twice, but the first to not get the popular vote twice. US voters as a whole simply do not like him, never mind wanting him to be popular. This explains too why people must have believed his b.s. that somehow the election was stolen. How could Biden possibly get more voted than Trump? Answer: We don't like him, and would rather have Biden.

    There's also this construct about Don Lemon, what he might say, or maybe it's just what someone at CNN might say, based on what Trump supporters are supposed to think about anyone who is opposed to Trump and is in the media. And I have no idea what that secret location thing is about. The only association that I can make, is that Trump supporters have been gaga about the Hitler-type crowds that Trump gets when he goes into where his supporters are, and gives a speech. The sad thing, is that his own inauguration famously had dismal attendance. Sad sheepish humor, unless I am missing something.

    It's not funny that we have the need for so much security and so many troops, because of how Trump-supporters violently participated in a deadly act of terrorist insurrection.

    Five years ago, I did what Colin Powell did this week, break with the Republican Party because of how despicable Trump is, and what this could lead to. I never got to the point of sheepish misdirected satire. My hope is that whatever humor there is for Trump supporters in such satire, that it leads to them coming to real terms with what's going on, and not to more violence and sedition.

  2. The Babylon Bee is a humor site. Sorry politics has become a religion for you. Luckily for me, I have a religion. It has to do with God, not politicians.

  3. Oh, and Colin Powell. Another DC hack. Ever work in DC? I did. The pay was really good.

    1. Another DC hack? He did put in quite a few years in the US Army, not all of them in DC. I doubt he ever cleared in a year, adjusted for inflation, what various presidential relatives--no, not all of them Trumps--have received for this or that service.

      And I'm not sure where a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff or a Secretary of State should work, if not DC.

  4. It's not a religion, Frank. What's not funny is attacks on the country. The criminals are nothing to laugh about. Serial killing must be a hoot for you.

  5. I think the election was stolen. Do those criminals bother you. Or is that your source for humor?

  6. Frank, you are in danger of becoming humourless yourself.

    As to your belief in a stolen election, I suggest that as a remedy you join the Patriot Party if Trump actually establishes it. He is going to need a new con very soon.

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