Sunday, January 31, 2021

Worth considering …

… How COVID-19 'Vaccines' May Destroy the Lives of Millions. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

I've done some medical editing in my time (which only means I'm more or less medically literate), but it has seemed to me from the start that this vaccine has been rushed on to the market, and I have been skeptical from the start about the genetic factor. My wife has Parkinson's, so if she is urged to get the vaccine I fully intend to raise objections.

Then there's this: CDC Issues Report On Vaccine Side Effects Using Data It’s Own Website Said It Shouldn’t Use.



  1. Hi Frank,

    Judy Mikovits is a known quack. Anyone trying to create such a grotesque false fear around a vaccine, as if there is some conspiracy we further all need to be afraid of, is as evil as it gets during a pandemic.

    There are risks to these vaccinations, but what we know for sure, is getting them is a whole lot better than not. Refusing a vaccine, unless you are known to have a serious allergy to the contents, is like choosing to dine on dead rats down the polluted river instead of the free meals at the local church. For the former, you become an evil spreader of the virus, the latter, a shield.

    One of the best friends I ever had in this world is still in the hospital with Covid-19. His wife has been discharged and is praying at home and singing songs to their half century of love. The reason they caught the virus, is that someone else had it, someone who refused (read: broke the law) to mask up and socially distance while not knowing he or she had the virus, or worse, refused to isolate after being diagnosed or quarantine after exposure. Period. We know this. It does not take all the scientists and PhDs to tell us this. There is no other reason my friends got so sick. And quite possibly, if he survives this year, the both of them will die prematurely from organ damage -- if they don't die some other way first. Maybe they'll never be able to taste or smell again either. Long covid sucks in many ways.

    When people buy Mikovits-type propaganda, people suffer and die by the hundreds of thousands, by the millions all over the world. It becomes a drastic, tragic, conspiracy-created holocaust.


  2. I link, you decide. I am aware of the controversy surrounding Mikovits. I am also aware of the questions regarding mRNA vaccines. My wife has Parkinson’s. I intend to be very cautious in this matter. As Brian of Nazareth assured me, I can think for myself. And the weakest argument remains the argument from authority.

  3. Oh, and that article, though it cites Mikovits, is not by her. It is by a physician who is skeptical of the official Covid line, as is his right, as it also mine.

  4. Flat earth is his right too. You decide.

  5. So is faith in experts