Wednesday, April 21, 2021

A biographer’s tale …

… The Dark Manipulative Life of Blake Bailey.

The girls who went to Lusher have been talking with each other for decades and living with their pain, trying to make sense of what happened while sometimes contending with the great fear of speaking out, trying to understand how they could have been so easily manipulated. They were still starstruck with Bailey in college. And Bailey would stay in touch and meet them and betray their trust by being wantonly flirtatious. Some of the former students allege that they went up to the hotel room with him. Some allege that this was consensual. Some have carried their secrets for far too long and some have had rough lives afterward. Until now, their stories have been largely contained by the many beautiful lakes that surround the Big Easy.


  1. The New York Times has uncovered more shocking revelations -- including a publisher that covered up an apparent rape.

    1. It sounds as if you had an important part in bringing this out. You have performed a public service.