Saturday, April 24, 2021

A touch of realism …

… COVID19: Taking Stock | Dr. Malcolm Kendrick.

Yes, we have realpolitik in place. Maybe we should call it realscientik. Neil Ferguson, and his ilk, pressed the emergency red button. It is a button they have been itching to press for years, decades. It is the ‘Here is the infection that is going to kill us all’ button. That infection may turn up at some point. COVID19 isn’t it. The button should never have been pressed.

The true believers in what the government tells will of course disagree. But I have never bee a true believer in what the government tells me. And the truth wil come out sooner or later. I think I have a pretty good idea what it will be.

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  1. Hi Frank,

    Kendrick is a known quack, but last time I knew you posted some covidiocy by him, I mentioned that.

    Here he starts by creating a ridiculous straw man. There has never been a narrative that he lists. It sounds more like he heard different people say different things, and wrapped them up into an imaginary "political" opponent to argue with. If it serves any purpose, it is to get people to say, "Yeah, yeah, there are too many people who think that way, so I am going to buy Kendrick books!" When in reality no one thinks that way.

    Just this week, the count of dead US residents from Covid-19 went past 570,000 so we actually went beyond 700,000 of us dead from the coronavirus, a number that includes those who died from the coronavirus but never got tested. No one tests the dead.

    Never mind what politicians say. If we look only at what science has found, we know that (1) masks significantly decrease the spread of the virus, so much so, that we can blame the great majority of our dead on those who have refused, and we can credit hundreds of thousands of US lives saved to those of us who wear masks; (2) Vaccines significantly block the virus. We know these 2 things, scientifically.

    The perspective for 700,000 people dead, far far beyond any flu we have ever experienced, is hard to imagine. It's 1 out of every 500 people, dead -- and the number of dead keeps climbing, thanks mostly to the maskless.

    More perspective, and people like Ted Nugent learn this lesson in vivo, no need for science. Here in Middlesex County in Massachusetts, we have lost 4,400 to the virus. Imagine if our rivers were as polluted as the air is with maskless covidiots exhaling all around us. What if we lost 4,400 friends, neighbors, and relatives to river pollution? 700,000 dead US residents from sea to shining sea.

    It's even worse than that. Those who have caught the virus and survived have had their individual life expectancies decreased. For sound, unpolitical reading, here is where science is with these (long-covid) people: Could covid lead to a lifetime of autoimmune disease?.

    If anyone thinks they should catch Covid-19 in order to be self-vaccinated against it, let me ask: Why risk torturous suffering?; Why risk death?; If you have 4 more decades to live, why cut it to 3 miserable ones, so that you can dodge the vaccine?