Monday, May 24, 2021

Are you surprised …

… New Report Points To COVID-19 Lab Origin? Wuhan Scientists Were Hospitalized In November 2019.
I’m sure in hell not.

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  1. Furthermore, a culprit for steering media spinners into the idea of pushing the idea of a wet market origin is a guy named Peter Daszak whose interviews and quotes were designed to whoskidoo reporters. In the linked-to article from Fox but others too, he painted this picture of wet markets: "You've got live animals, so there’s feces everywhere. There’s blood because of people chopping them up."

    The origin of the whoskidoo, was this Lancet report: Statement in support of the scientists, public health professionals, and medical professionals of China combatting COVID-19. Note Daszak's name and how no conflict of interest is reported. Turns out, his organization, the EcoHealth Alliance, funded coronavirus research at the Wuhan lab.

    Because this is a forensic search for origins, adding this information (which has been out for some time, just not getting through the whoskidoo) to the ill employees there, points further at the Wuhan lab theory, specifically that lab, versus say, "an alternative narrative that the virus on in a U.S. military lab in Fort Detrick, Maryland." In other words, with Daszak not being forthcoming, the question is raised as to how much he knew.

    But, we need to know for sure. And none of this is sure. These last few months have seen an opening of minds and media. Your main article reads, "The Biden administration has said that all technically credible theories on the origin of the pandemic should be investigated by the WHO and international experts."