Wednesday, May 26, 2021

How about that …

… Even mild COVID-19 may induce long-lasting antibody response -

And there's this: 

Over 10,000 COVID-19 Infections Recorded in Americans Who Received a Vaccine: CDC.


  1. Two interesting headlines, anyway. I cannot get into the Epoch Times article beyond the first paragraph.

    A question on people who caught the virus (and lived), is whether they will need booster shots, which seems to be the case for them, and similarly to us who have received a vaccine. We need to look at that group separately, as we look at efficacy of the different vaccines separately. I'm wondering, for instance, having gotten the Jannsen, how some booster will work. The protection from the virus itself is a lot lower than Moderna and Pfizer, but if I catch it, my ability to contaminate others is less than if this happens with Pfizer and Moderna. Surely that helps you more than me personally, but epidemiologically speaking, it is quite significant.

    On the 10,000 counted cases. What we do not know, is how many more than 10,000 really have caught the virus after being vaccinated. By the way, this is the same with people who have contracted the virus in the past. Here's the problem. If I catch the virus now that I have been vaccinated, the symptoms will be less severe, and I may be asymptomatic, and so my case would never get in anyone's count. A good count is always less than the actual number.

    And we have no constant to multiply the count by to get at that number, as we do with Covid-19 deaths. As of January, depending on who you cite, that was about 1.23 times the count to get at the real number of deaths due to the virus (right now, the count being over 591K, we can figure the actual deaths to be somewhere over 720K, deaths, not cases).

    We don't have such a constant for people who have been counted as catching the virus a second time, the versus those who caught it a second time and were not detected. Breakthroough cases remain a mystery -- as do breakthrough deaths! I'm thinking if I got into the article, it would show a couple hundred were counted as dead. So, how many actually died?, we have no idead.

    For the actual number or breakthrough cases, is it 10 times, or 100K (still a small percentage of the total counted 33 million, which we also have no translating constant for), or is it less than 100K? Guesses only, because we do not know. Is there any reason to believe that the factor is not 20 times the count, or just 2 times the count? We do not know. All we know is that we have found 10,000 cases.

    What all this comes down to, is that you are far more likely not to be reading this sentence because you died, if you caught the virus. You are also far more likely to be one who is reading this with organ damage. In other words, vaccinations help keep us alive, not to mention help stop the spread. To add a bit of trivia, we have never reached herd immunity without state mandated vaccinations, which are absolutely Constitutional, see Jacobson vs. Massachusetts.

    Back to the cases of those who have received a vaccine and caught the virus a second time, the breakthrough cases. Vaccinations were never advertised to bring 100% protection. Yet, people were out there behaving as if this is so, far too many of them catching the virus and becoming spreaders. It was only last week, that Lowell here, dropped off the "high risk" list. We had spreaders all over the place.

    When public health officials look at the data, to note that less and less people are dying, so restrictions may be relaxed, they too are not guaranteeing that no one will be getting sick and dying. Indeed, as the restrictions get lifted, 579 US residents were counted dead from the coronavirus just yesterday -- and I do not mean to conflate or understate the actual number, which would be somewhere over 700. That's about 35 of us from each state, washing up on the deadly Covid River's shore for transport to the morgue.

  2. Bad math. That would be 14 of us from each state washing up on the deadly river's shore. My reason for including that has to do with a conversatioon that I had with my doctor. He asked me if I witnessed anyone dying from Covid-19, that he sure has, and it is a terrible death. The perspective is different, for instance, when we see the public cremations broadcast from India, and people who cannot get their family member cremated having to throw the decomposing bodies into rivers. It becomes a travesty that we witness, versus theorize about. If 14 bodies had washed up on the Pennsylvania rivers shores yesterday, everyone would stay clear of the waterways, until public health got the pollution under control.