Sunday, May 08, 2022

We can only hope …

Won’t Get Won’t Get Fooled Again Fooled Again.

If one brief bad experience can transform people’s thinking, imagine the impact of the pandemic’s ceaseless misery. It’s been a two-year-long version of Hell Week, especially in America’s blue states, with Anthony Fauci and Democratic governors playing the role of fraternity presidents humiliating the pledges. Americans obediently donned masks day after day, stood six feet apart, disinfected counters, and obsessively washed their hands while singing “Happy Birthday.” They forsook visits to friends and relatives and followed orders to skip work and church. They forced young children to wear masks on the playground and in the classroom—a form of hazing too extreme even for Europe’s progressive educators.


  1. And the virus still found a way to spread. How could that be? The problem has been and still is, bobble-head Americans obedient to bobble-headed TV hosts telling them not to don masks day after day, not to stand 6 feet part, not to disinfect counters, not to make a habit of washing hands, and not to vaccinate -- making up reasons for not doing any of it, like it has something to do with having the freedom to kill neighbors and family, like it has something to do with vaccines being dangerous, bobble, bobble, bobble. That's easy. A virus does not need any brains to infect the bobble heads, and then kill them after making them suffer horrifically. So the dead bobble heads share the same view 6 feet apart from the rest of us top side, and do not need to wash their hands nor wear masks, disinfect their coffins, nor get vaccinated. And now, the gamblers who said it would be just another flu, get to say they were right? 1.3 million dead US citizens. Bobble, bobble, bobble heads.

  2. Anonymous12:17 PM

    Um, masks don't work. The virus is aerosolized so disinfecting counters doesn't really stop the spread either. The vaccine doesn't work very well and has nasty side-effects. You're right about washing hands though, so 1 out of 4 isn't bad! Virus going to virus. Maybe read some Alex Berenson or somebody who reports facts and not myths and educate yourself.

    1. Nothing you say, Anonymous, is backed up by science research. The aerosol argument is a thought experiment that has failed. It's as if the particles would steer around the mask weave, or maybe the mask weave would repel the particles into the openings? This catchy thought is defied by research that shows not only do masks work, but that masks such as N95s do better at blocking the virus than run of the mill cloth masks, and double masking is better than not, and when double masking, which one is better on top. The info, the results are out there for all.

      And the less virus that enters the body, the better chance the body has of fighting off the virus. The virus gets overwhelmed before the body does. Which is why people who mask up and then catch the virus are more likely to be asymptomatic and less likely to suffer and die.

      That latter point is why everyone should be vaccinated and boosted too. It's the cry of those on their death beds with Covid-10, that they should have gotten vaccinated. The death rate came down because enough people got vaccinated. In very large part, the unvaccinated became the ones overcrowding emergency room and morgues. It became the cry of anyone else who needed the ER, "If only" those people got vaccinated, it would be safer to go to the hospital. I was in one, with people coughing all around me. And I had to wait longer, exposed to their Covid aerosol particles, their exhaled swill.

      No one really wants Covid-19, because it attacks your vital organs, which is a way of aging people. Life expectancy goes down with Covid-19. And some are now years into long Covid with no answers as to why. So when we say that hundreds of thousands of US lives have been saved through vaccination, against the 1.3 million US citizens who have pass away from the virus, we know that for the most part, those who got vaccinated and caught the virus survived, and will on average live longer and healthier lives than the unvaccinated. On a side note, wasn't it interesting how Biden pointed out that the Fox news staff in attendance were both vaccinated and boosted, and had to be before entering the room.

      Someone like novelist Alex Berenson is precisely who we should not be listening to. His degree is in history and economics, which has nothing to do with what we are talking about. At least good MDs and public health specialists get their information from studies primarily in the fields if virology and epidemiology, and molecular biologists would do well too. But when I see an MD is the only one on a research study, a flag goes up. Where are the specialists on this? I suggest you not follow the popular media, but the scientific studies.

      We have no studies to show how often the live virus on a countertop or other surface has caused someone to catch the virus. People who catch the virus usually cannot pinpoint just where, who and how. Even if you can be sure you caught it when cousin John came over Sunday night, you cannot be sure specifically where, when and how. Was it from breathing his exhaled air, or was it when you cleared the table of his dishes? We know that the more solid the surface, the longer the virus can survive. That's the easy part. I believe there is study design now to broach this puzzle, so that we can stop debating about things no one knows. A research scientist cannot just bring subjects into a room, and have them rub their hands, each on a random surface, where some have been contaminated and others not, and then they sniff their hands, to see who and how many catch the virus. Even if you could get around having them sign off on understanding that they could get real sick and possibly die, you'd still then need to control for their catching the virus some other way outside the lab.

      But, an interesting occurrence has fed into the question. The omicron virus made its way into China. And what can explain it better than anything else, is that it came in through packages from outside the country.