Monday, May 09, 2022

Well, they are Satanists …

… The Satanic Temple on Twitter: "The Body is Inviolable Subject to One's Own Will Alone." / Twitter.

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  1. When the vast majority of people in this country do not want the Roe v Wade decision to be overturned, it is not hard to find hated groups in such an enormous majority. I'm not familiar with the Satanic bible, but let's note that there is nothing in the Old or New Testaments that support anti-abortion.

    It would be better reporting to list all the groups on the list that are so opposed to the Supreme Court draft. But let's note that 65% of Americans are for Roe V Wade. In this sense, there is not "split" per se, but a minority who wants to hijack the abortion decision from women. This majority shrinks to 55% of Christians who want Roe v Wade to remain intact. Well, they aren't Satanists. They're Christians.