Monday, June 20, 2022

Hmm …

Woke Jesuit School in Big Trouble With the Bishop.

You may not like Catholic teaching, you may disagree with it, you may even despise it, but if you are logically consistent, you should be happy there is a Catholic Church willing to be, well, Catholic. If a bishop doesn’t have the integrity to profess his own faith, he isn’t worth the ring or episcopal hat he wears. Religious diversity and freedom are built on the right to reject as well as embrace certain religious truths. And shouldn’t schools that reject Catholic teaching not advertise that they teach the Catholic faith? Joining another denomination, or no denomination, or embracing secular humanism are all options—no need for false advertising.
I am the graduate of a Jesuit college. Edward Gannon S.J. was my mentor. I owe him more than can express. But I no longer respect the Jesuits. It seems to me they have decided to be woke rather than Catholic. And I am definitely not woke.

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