Thursday, June 23, 2022

Hmm …

 U.S. Journalists See Turmoil in News Industry Amid Passion for Their Work | Pew Research Center.

A large majority of journalists say they come across misinformation at least sometimes when they are working on a story, and while most say they are confident in their ability to recognize it, about a quarter of reporting journalists (26%) say they have unknowingly reported on a story that was later found to contain false information.

How do they know it is misinformation, a designation that, as often as not has political connotation? There was plenty of misinformation printed about Covid-19. Early in 2020 you could find that the Wuhan laboratory did experiments on bats regarding coronaviruses. It wouldn’t lake to find that they raised their own bats and didn’t buy them at food markets. I have seen articles in the paper I used to work  for where the line between reporting and opinion seemed blurred.

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