Friday, July 01, 2022

An Islamic perspective …

LGBT Propaganda Under the Microscope.

It is imperative that Muslims understand the ideological, political, and social roots and effects of such a poster. Muslims do not identify with our desires, let alone any other adjective we would use to describe ourselves. We are a community of people based off of a permanent ideological relationship with one another. Allah ﷻ has given us a beautiful name, Muslim, and it is not within the rights of someone who considers themselves Muslim to subsequently change that identity. It is sinful for a Muslim to identify as a “Queer Muslim” or anything of the sort and it is also sinful for a Muslim to propogate any non-Islamic slogans or means of propaganda because these identities and slogans originate from and are a tool to further liberal ideology. Thus, any Muslim engaging in these narratives has participated in working against the Muslim community and Islam. 

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