Sunday, July 03, 2022

Hmm …

… Supreme Court's Roe v Wade opinion sparks racist attacks on Clarence Thomas, confirming his world view.

It was Malcolm X, of course, who famously declared that, “In this deceitful American game of power politics, the Negros (i.e. the race problem, the integration and civil rights issues) are nothing but tools, used by one group of whites called Liberals against another group of whites called Conservatives, either to get into power or to remain in power.

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  1. Interesting that this comes from NBC News, a moderate-to-liberal agency. The discussion is a big part of the rift in the Democratic Party, and is typical news on how the Democrats, having a majority of citizens and having had a legislative majority, cannot and could not get their collective act together. The fallout is a stacked Supreme Court that voted a right away from women, a right that is supported by most in this country. So people will be reactionary.

    (My opinion. It is silly for Supreme Court justices to allow states to define personhood. Persons are defined in the Constitution as who to count for the Census. So what are we to consider now, that some states will say personhood begins at conception, so that they can get better representation and benefits, a sort of tax “loophole” opening up, and are these person counted as three fifths, because they are not free persons, and should it be a requirement in these states to extract a count of all these persons? We have gotten tragically silly. Plain stupid. Women were having abortions freely all the way up to the 1850s when states started taking this right away. Indeed, the first abortion laws came out in the 1820s to protect women from harmful abortion procedures. Anyway . . .)

    We get some balance to the Malcolm X quote when we go to Black Agenda Report, for an article by Margaret Kimberly: Democrats Exposed By the End of Roe v. Wade. And I always find it interesting to go to the educated “extreme” to get a less mainstream but hard critique of our favorite political persuasions in this country. What a reader will find in the Kimberly article is more on how "progressive" blacks or freedom fighters, if I can call them either, view so-called liberal whites, the “elite liberals” in the Musa al-Gharbi article you link to. The main target of attack in the article is Barack Obama. Kimberly pulls up short of calling him an Uncle Tom or Uncle Barack, but her article is fodder for such Twitter attacks on him.

    As I write, there is a white supremacist march going on in Boston. Here's an initial report from Fox 25: Leaders condemn white supremacist march through Boston. White supremacy is alive and well, altogether and by definition racist.

    Let’s step a little further into how hate gets fleshed out. Here is a podcast in which Kimberly interviews Loretta Ross, and they get into how white supremacism has been influencing the reproductive politics: Black Agenda Radio: Reproductive Justice.

    It’s not wrong to call Clarence Thomas an Uncle Tom, and neither is it wrong to call Barack Obama an Uncle Tom. And maybe al-Gharbi would now classify me as an “elite” liberal. What would I be, an Uncle Tom Irish guy who revels in now being considered white? But the entire idea is that this is the term we all use for a black person who aligns with white supremacist politics.