Sunday, July 03, 2022

The challenge to the faithful …

… The Contempt of the World - The American Conservative.

So far, no one’s tried anything at my church. Wise decision. This is South Philly. Back when the church doors were always opened someone stole something made of gold off the altar (it may been a chalice). Anyway, when he went to sell it in the Italian market, one of the merchants bought it, then took it back to the church.

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  1. With a position taken in this article summed up by the last sentence, how will the Catholic church and many other tyrannical factions in Christendom ever learn how wrong they have been? Let's all dig into ignorance, the article urges. And let's shore up our ignorance by adding bad logic to an anti-Christian travesty. The bad logic is too simple. It says that because we Christians have been persecuted when we have been right, or when another has been wrong, anytime we are persecuted, we are right. That's hogwash not to be associated with any Bible study as a conclusion.

    There is also a disrespectful conflation of Catholicism with Christendom as a whole. Not all Christians believe the made-up idea that abortion is the killing of a person. Many denominations teach the Bible. One step further–such a misrepresentation of Christianity keeps potential converts away and interferes with the prayerful relationship a woman has with God.

    There is wisdom in the Bible not taking any such anti-abortion position, why it was always allowed. The Bible is very woman's choice on this matter. Let's all accept it, understand it, understand why, why it is an atrocious victimization of a woman and abuse of her body for selfish, made-up ideas. God was being merciful or at least pragmatic, but surely loving. Aren't we not to add any commandment to God's? Don't ever do such a thing, the Bible says.

    Do I say this at the risk of someone stealing a gold chalice from this church or that, or from me? That's about what you'd lose back in the times of Exodus, if you criminally caused a miscarriage. You would not incur the death penalty as if you killed a person. You would lose your new SUV to the dashed couple. They could sue you, not kill you.

    The author wants victims of this tragic and ignorant rescinding of the God-given rights of women, not to mention the negation of their US Constitutional freedom, to behave themselves? Whose behavior needs critiquing more than the Catholic church's in this hour? Do what most women do before getting an abortion. Pray.