Thursday, February 29, 2024

Another poem …


Trying to say things you are called upon

To say spares you having to say things

You’d rather not. So speech can form

A barrier against itself on your behalf.

Like Hamlet, you say what you must,

 Disclosing what courtiers and lackeys need

To hear, boasting of crimes timid souls regard

As grand (though mere eruptions of rage

And appetite), keeping to yourself embarrassing

Desires likely to arouse contempt or scorn.

And yet …to slay a beggar or a king, filch

A candy from a maiden aunt, or idly crush

A swarm of ants beneath your foot —

These graceless gestures differ

Only in degree. Brave souls stay

The hand, lift the foot, mount the scaffold,

Mindful of a throne’s discomfort.

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