Saturday, February 24, 2024

So much for free speech and thought …

… COVID and Corruption of Science - Discussion with Stanford's Dr. Jay Bhattacharya.

The people we should ignore are those who want to censure others.

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  1. But he's a quack who has done none of the research. Quacks are not truth tellers. They quack. Millions of Americans have died from Covid, including in my family and thousands will still die from it, as everyone who has caught it has had vital organ damage of one degree or another. For instance, at 48, if I had contracted Covid-19 before the heart attack from which I flatlined, I would very likely not be here today. Others will die at 48 from such a heart attack because they had Covid. Many suffer from long-Covid, as in my family. It's devastating to young lives. Indeed, the deaths from Covid have surpassed deaths from the Spanish Flu, although not in percentages yet anyway.

    The title has the idea of "the Corruption of Science". A scientist can be corrupt. A company can be corrupt. A gang of scientists can be corrupt. But I have a son who is a scientist and he is not corrupt, neither can I imagine all the scientists involved in all the research being corrupt. If we find another Catholic priest-pedophile, will this men that the Catholic Church is corrupt. Is the Catholic church so inundated with pedophiles, that the church is corrupted?