Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I am listening ...

... to the strange, sad hijinks of Erik Satie's Parade. Tomorrow, May 17, is Satie's birthday. He was was born in Honfleur, France, in 1866. I have always loved the remark he made to Debussy upon hearing a performance of "From Dawn to Noon on the Sea," the first movement of Debussy's La Mer. "I liked the part best around a quarter to 10."

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  1. As a trained composer (I have a degree in it, which was fun but useless for making a living in the real world, so far), Satie was always a favorite. I've performed (in public, even) several of the shorter piano works. Favorites are "The Perpetual Tango," the "Gnossiennes," and of course the "Gymnopedies."

    Here was a composer who was truly minimalist: maximum effect from minimal, even abstract, resources. Truly an achievement.

    Thanks for the birthday reminder.