Sunday, May 14, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

The Elegant Variation's Mark Sarvas makes his Inquirer debut today with a fine review of Sheila Heti's Ticknor: Portrait of a bitter biographer, heart aswirl in envy of subject

My Editor's Choice this week is William Nicholson's The Trial of True Love: Is true love possible? Novelist learns firsthand

Susan Balee reviews Lisa Tucker's Once Upon a Day: A melodramatic look at lives broken, mended. Susan also chats with Lisa: Author Interview. Susan's is a model of good reviewing. Lisa's earlier novel, The Song Reader, is evidently more to Susan's taste than Once Upon a Day is. But Susan tells enough about the new novel in just the right way to make this reader at least think I might like it.

Katie Haegele likes Catherine Murdock Gilbert's Dairy Queen: Funny, frank adventures of a Wisconsin farm girl

Roger Miller is impressed with Cynthia Carr's ironically titled Our Town: Author moved to Marion, Ind., to dig up a 1930 racial horror buried deep in town's psyche

Inquirer book critic Carlin Romano reviews A.C. Grayling's Among the Dead Cities and puts some questions to Grayling as well: WWII 'area bombing' comes under philosophical attack

Those are today's reviews, but we had some other interesting ones thatran during the week:

Mark Yost likes Tom Cotter's The Cobra in the Barn: Down the back roads, in pursuit of the forgotten classic car

John Rossi admires Leigh Montville's take on Babe Ruth: Biography focuses on the phenomenon that was the Babe

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