Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Terry Teachout recommends:

Here's Terry Teachout's Top Nine Shakespeare films (of the 420 film adaptations of the Bard's plays)
I would have added Kenneth Branagh's Henry V along side Olivier's version to the mix if only to illustrate how fascinatingly varied are the interpretations of the plays. Same words; two great performances; totally different impressions left with the viewer.
And speaking of William Walton's score of the Olivier version, there's a lot to be said for Patrick Doyle's musical contribution to the Branagh too.
Hat tip to Dave Lull.


  1. Well, at least he didn't include Branagh's "Love's Labours Lost" -- whatever one may think of it as a film, Shakespeare it was not.

    I very much liked the Ian McKellen/Judi Dench Macbeth, but that may have been a TV film only.

    He doesn't include Schofield's King Lear which I thought a fantastic film.

    I agree on Laurence Olivier's Hamlet and Chimes at Midnight, I think these are both great movies.
    I prefer Olivier's Othello (not listed) to his Henry V, but that Henry V was made in WW2 in a very consciously allegorial way and on no budget.

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