Sunday, July 09, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

John Freeman visits the unnerving world of Ken Kalfus' A Disorder Peculiar to the Country:
A nation, a couple, hell-bent on revenge.

Nadya Tan brings a knowing eye to Dao Strom's The Gentle Orderof Girls and Boys: Four novellas find Asian Americans at various crossroads

I gather I'm not supposed to like Paulo Coelho, but I found The Devil and Miss Prym quite intriguing: Parable about good and evil.

Carlin Romano takes a close look at Eviatar Zerubavel's The Elephant in the Room: Exploring what all see, but no one acknowledges.

David Walton is impressed with Justin Kaplan's When the Astors Owned New York: Tracking the Astor family in New York.

Katie Haegele finds much to admire in Keith Donohue's debut, The Stolen Child: A child stolen by fairies mourns his lost life.

Katie thinks highly of Allison Whittenberg's Sweet Thang: Young Adult Reader Preteen drama, set against a backdrop of family grief

Elizabeth Fox thinks little of Andrew Tree's Academy X: Report card's poor for teacher's 'Academy X'

Gordon Marino sizes up Teddy Atlas and Peter Alson's Atlas: Boxing bio goes to heart of what it means to be a man

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