Sunday, July 23, 2006

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

Inquirer book critic considers Efraim Karsh's Islamic Imperialism: Seeing Islam as a culture rooted in war .

Thomas Lipscomb examines Mark Fuhrman's take on that perennial mystery, the JFK assassination: Fuhrman views JFK's murder as 'a simple act' .

Suzanne Blair thinks rather well of Robert Phillips's Circumstances Beyond Our Control: Robert Phillips, poet behind the wheel.

Speaking of poems, here's one by C.E. Chaffin: Paradigms .

Katie Haegele thinks highly of William Nicholson's Seeker: Young Adult Reader 3 questing warriors, so misunderstood.

Marietta Dunn has high praise for Garry Disher's Snapshot: Lonely Aussie cop hunts killer of loathsome woman

Dianna Marder serves up a menu of culinary novels: For the beach: A feast of culinary novels .

Elizabeth Fox is disappointed in Scott Smith's The Ruins: Mayan mystery dissolves in pointless, relentless gore .

Desmond Ryan, however, is much impressed with Lindsey Davis's See Delphi and Die: Book Review Murder in ancient Greece, and a private oculus on the case.

Garr Gentile has mixed feeling about Pierette Domenica Simpson's Alive on the Andrea Doria: An immigrant's tale, and a new theory .

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