Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Just for laughs ...

... you may want to contribute a suggestion to Scott Stein's What's So Funny?
Among books that I think would make just about anybody not humor-challenged laugh, there's Waugh's Decline and Fall, and Peter De Vries's twinned novellas Witches Milk and The Cat's Pajamas. (One of the two features a character who invents useless end products, one of which is after-shaving mints.) There is also an extremely funny essay by the unfortunately forgotten Frank Moore Colby called "Confessions of a Gallomaniac."

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  1. I read Colby's article in a compilation book edited by E.B. White called a Compendium of American Humor. It was a great read. Many of items in there as well from Ring Lardner and others.