Saturday, August 12, 2006

Maxine was right ...

... as soon as I felt I was up to a nice cup of tea, I was indeed on the road to recovery. But wow! Was I ever knocked flat on my back. Certainly my long-standing view that exertion generates energy was sorely tested. The slightest exertion left me completely enervated. Which is why I just spent the greater part of the past 48 hours in bed, mostly asleep.
But I just had another nice cup of tea, followed by a couple of nicely coddled eggs, and while I don't feel just ready to run around the block, I certainly feel ready to blog again. Even better, my knee problem has mostly cleared up.
(I was going to go in the office today, but figure I can do some of what needs to be done - namely, culling the in-box - from here. And I have to go in tomorrow anyway, because I'm the Sunday features editor.)
Once again, thanks everyone for the encouraging words.


  1. Glad you're back on your feet. You were missed.

  2. Glad you're feeling better, Frank.

  3. Glad the "English cure" helped, Frank, though probably it was more to do with the 48 hour rest -- which evidently was also good for the knees.
    I will try to get back to some blogging tomorrow, have been a bit busy today as it is Jenny's birthday (as I write it is 11 pm -- another half hour to go until the exact anniversary). So hope to be back in touch then.
    All my best -- and keep well.