Sunday, January 06, 2008

Bryan returns ...

... bearing wit and wisdom: What I Learned Over Christmas.

Having watched last night's Democratic Party debate, I can certainly agree that Barack Obama hides his intelligence well. And yes, Hillary does tend to be a-charming. But I don't think human beings are all dreadful. The tragedy of human beings is that they are all doing their best (myself excepted - I could do much better).


  1. What? I'm sure you are doing fine!

  2. Kind of you to say so, but I fear not.

  3. Yes, we are all, or at least most of us, doing our best. It ain't easy, that's for sure. And there are some downright horrible people out there who can cause great pain for others. The problem is that often we don't recognise these thoroughly dreadful ones until it is too late.

    I am reminded of the actor Paul Eddington, who played Jim Hacker in the excellent 'Yes, Minister'- a political comedy drama on BBC televsion many years ago. He died prematurely of cancer but gave a very touching and honest interview just before he died. When asked what he would like to be remembered for he replied: 'As someone who did no real harm'. He struck me as a very intelligent, gentle, warm human being and I was deeply moved by his words.

    I know it's not much but it's a noble aspiration in my view.

  4. Steve Blackmore5:49 PM

    Does he hide it in Oscar Wilde Sphinx Without a Secret sense, or hide it in the sense Appleyard means? If the latter, what a pathetic state we've come to that it is advisable that intelligence be hidden from view. As for "terrifyingly intelligent"- what is that supposed to mean? In awe of the mind of one of our soap opera political characters...

  5. I wish, Neil, that I could say I have done no real harm, but when I look back and weigh my life in the balance, I often find it wanting indeed. As for the genuinely evil, I have actually met a few and am have proud to have given a couple of them something to think about.
    As for Obama hiding his intelligence, Steve, I think the brilliance that is imputed to him is another example of people thinking someone is smart because he has a good voice, is good looking and sounds eloquent. I have been amazed all my life at how even intelligent people can be fooled by the most shallow rhetoric.

  6. Steve Blackmore5:36 AM

    I'd agee with you there, Frank. A shiny suit coupled with the right expression can work wonders. And now that rather than intelligence be bestowed on someone by what they express, it's on the basis of what they don't express, but that this is esoterically revealed to those who can discern the hidden wonders.