Monday, January 07, 2008

Not funny ...

... Lynne Scanlon on David Mamet. (Via Bill Peschel.)

The only thing of Mamet's I've really liked was the film House of Games. I think Glengarry Glen Ross, for instance, is completely unbelievable. First, I found it impossible to think the characters would have been able to sell an air conditioner in the Mojave Desert. I sensed no real understanding of business in general or the real estate business in particular. This is an "artist's conception" of what the business world is like (which is to say like the "art business" - strictly dog eat dog).

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  1. It seems when they ask people doing the actual thing portrayed in fictional movies and TV, they usually say it's far different than what is being portrayed. Unfortunately, to some degree I think we all have the habit of relying on these portrayals to shape our thinking about important issues. Fiction can be very powerful that way - which isn't always such a good thing if it's not reasonably accurate.

    I agree that House of Games was a good movie (accurate or otherwise).