Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Touché ...

... Doubting One’s Mind. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

In essence, then, what one understands about the world and oneself is
really not what actually exists but what is constructed by one’s mind with
the use of other cognitive tools. The problem with this is that it makes
no sense in the end because what the researchers are telling us would also
be covered by their claim and so it is also just some mental construction,
which then is also some further mental construction, ad infinitum and ad
nauseum. But that cannot be. At some point the researchers would have to
accept that what they are telling us about the human mind is actually so,
not also just a construct or invention.

Exactly. It's also a bit like saying there's no message on the answering machine, just a bunch of electromagnetic waves. Also, there is the assumption that it is the brain that does the construction or invention. The hammer and nails didn't construct the Globe Theater. The answering machine didn't leave the message.

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