Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I achieve ...

... the peak of fame. Dave Lull has just alerted me to this, but I actually knew it was going to happen: I am mentioned in today's Sideshow column in The Inquirer. You have to have worked at the paper to realize what a distinct honor it is to have your name enshrined in boldface in what is surely one of its most popular columns. You also have to have worked for the paper to appreciate the irony of the preceding sentence.
Regarding the videos I recorded at the poetry conference: They are have some technical difficulties uploading them, but I feel sure they'll have them up soon enough. I am hardly in any of them, so I can, without boasting, say that they are quite worthwhile.


  1. I once got mentioned (name in bold type) in a column in Milwaukee Magazine. It said I wasn't the worst writer at the Milwaukee Journal. I knew that already, but I was still thrilled.

  2. Can't wait to see you in action Frank.