Thursday, June 11, 2009

John Banville

Funny that The Paris Review should run a piece in its most recent issue on John Banville. He's been on my mind of late - and I keep wondering whether The Sea was intended, at least in some way, as an homage to The Waves. Certainly Banville's attention to "rhythm" suggests so...


  1. Just a feeling, but I suspect John would say no.

  2. Susan B.3:45 PM

    But it's a very clever idea, worthy of comparison. And one can never say what an author's *unconscious* intentions are.

    I'm reminded, though, of how much I loved Banville's prose in "The Sea." It was visceral, magnificent writing. The best I've read in years and reading is what I'm always doing.

  3. I agree, Susan: there was a visceral quality to Banville's prose in "The Sea." That's what I remember most about the novel as well. Thanks for your comment. --Jesse