Sunday, September 20, 2009

Talk about provincial ...

... Trick or Tweet? Twitter launches crackdown after millions are duped by fake accounts. (Thanks to Dave Lull for correct link.)
Twitter has decided to act after Tony La Russa, the coach of an obscure American baseball team, launched a legal action over a fake account. He claimed that postings in which he appeared to make light of the death of two of his players had been ‘hurtful’.

"Obscure baseball team." Obscure to whom? Not to anyone who knows anything about baseball. Were I to refer to the manager of a cricket team - if there are such - I would refer to him as the manager of whatever team it was. I wouldn't call it an obscure cricket team simply because I don't know anything about cricket. Anyway, the St. Louis Cardinals are hardly obscure, and neither is Tony La Russa.

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