Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Quandary ...

... Is the Lobster Zone disturbing?

I object to boiling lobsters both because it is unnecessarily cruel and because it isn't the best way to cook them. Lobsters should be steamed. I don't think they can live at a temperature higher than 98 degrees. Steaming puts them into a gentle, fatal sleep. It also does not cause adrenalin to rush through their bodies, as dropping them into boiling water does -- which is turn makes the flesh tougher and less sweet.
BTW, I think Scott is right: There is something creepy about the Lobster Zone.


  1. You say of the lobsters: 'Steaming puts them into a gentle, fatal sleep." Are we then to imagine the lobsters, if we were to allow them minds, pondering something like Hamlet's "To be or not to be" musings as they simmer and slowly encounter this "gentle [but] fatal sleep" from which no mortal returns? Vegans will confront you: Is not "gentle" a human being's conscience salving hope rather than a crustacean's heated and irreversible reality? How can we possibly know the answers to the foregoing questions? Well, with tongue in cheek, but no lobster in the pot, you now have my offering to the feast, my food for thought.

  2. I don't know if the think, but they do scream when you put them into the pot whether to steam or boil. As for vegans, I pay them no mind. Something dies in order for you to live. Carrots may not be cute, but they die when you make into salad.

  3. As the Klingon said to the Vulcan, "Where's the honor in chasing down a vegetable, which can neither run away nor fight back?"