Saturday, July 10, 2010

The wages of viral ...

... Bryan on Winnebago Man. (Hat tip, Rus Bowden.)

Check out Star Wars Kid on YouTube. a chubby boy clumsily plays at being a Jedi knight in his school studio and, fatally, videos the whole thing and then, doubly fatally, leaves the tape behind. The video has been watched 19 million times in its YouTube version and 900 million times in a version with authentic Star Wars music and sounds. That poor boy is Star Wars Kid forever.

I'd have thought, in this era of celebritism, most people would be glad to have celebrity in whatever form it came their way. Oh, yeah, Alec Baldwin doesn't need the bad publicity, but Star Wars Kid could easily take pride in just being known as Star Wars Kid. What is the kid doing that all of us haven't done ... when were kids? He's playing, for God's sake. Just like the people who stand in front of their loudspeakers and pretend to conduct the symphony they're listening to are playing. I do silk reeling while listening to music.
I almost envy Rebney living in that shack on the mountain with his dog. As for what Bryan says about "a very American form of loneliness," I'm not so sure. Some of the happiness moments of my life have occurred when I've been by myself in the middle of nowhere. It isn't loneliness. It's a delicious feeling of aloneness. There are certain Americans who revel in that feeling. And, of course, there are others who just feel lonely, the way one can on a crowded city street.
You can easily see Winnebago Man and Stars Wars Kid if you go to YouTube. I just watched them. Rebney strikes me as a pretty amiable pro just trying to get things right and having a bad time of it. I've had days like that, and felt much the same way.

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