Wednesday, July 07, 2010

You don't say ...

... 'Climategate' was 'a game-changer' in science reporting, say climatologists.

"The release of the emails was a turning point, a game-changer," said Mike Hulme, professor of climate change at the University of East Anglia. "The community has been brought up short by the row over their science. Already there is a new tone. Researchers are more upfront, open and explicit about their uncertainties, for instance."
Apparently, the National Academy of Sciences has not learned of this: Writing for PJM Helped Make Me Enemy of the State Number #38.

Update (vis the intrepid Dave Lull): 'Climategate' review clears scientists of dishonesty over data.
This doesn't bother me and doesn't preclude the outcome mentioned in the earlier link. I don't want Phil Jones persecuted. I think that he 's basically a good man and a good scientist. And he's acknowledged mistakes. Now, Michael Mann of Penn State? I don't put him on a par with Jones. But the point of all this is not to get even with people, but to clear the way for discovery of the truth.

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