Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Well he is a politician …

… Ben Sasse is insufferable. (Hat tip, Dave Lull.)

Embarrassingly for a self-described "historian" (the kind who did his Yale dissertation on Reagan) and would-be pedant, the second sentence contains a solecism: "Perplexed" followed by an infinitive is not idiomatic English. (One can be "perplexed" by something, not perplexed to it.) A few pages later we are treated to a harangue of some poor students at his former university who failed to erect a Christmas tree according to his specifications. The number of decorations at the top of the tree was insufficient. "'Was there not a ladder in the gym?' the vice president queried. 'Was maintenance unwilling to bring one?'"
Not sure I get this. I could be perplexed to see something that, well, perplexes me. That said, Sasse does seem to be something of an ass.

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