Monday, December 12, 2005

Something new about Orwell ...

An interesting piece about George Orwell in the Guardian. Seems some previously undisovered letters reveal some things we didn't know. (Hat tip, Sand Storm.


  1. Frank, for me this is the best link you have yet provided. Orwell is one of my few remaining journalistic/literary heroes, one of two, with Mencken -- others I have cast away over the years, but these two abide -- and it is just terrific to learn of this. I've read the Taylor biography (and others, along with memoirs of friends, etc.). As Taylor says here, this does alter one part of the picture of Orwell. Thanks.

  2. Hi, Frank:

    WOW! An awesome read ... thanks for sharing!

    I'm embarassed to admit, but I didn't even know his wife was in Spain.

    Once, again, I learn something from my visit, here. THANKS!