Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A twofer ...

Grumpy Old Bookman makes some astute observations about the Mainstream Media and brings to our attention a most interesting book: "This book has, it seems, been online since 1997, is in its 18th revision, and 226,438 people have taken a look at it."

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  1. It's interesting to hear of successes that are beneath the radar. Unfortunately I have not read this book. Even though I consider myself a writer I really don't read as I should. My literary acumen comes from TV and not reading. The plays I wrote in the early 80's on South Street at TCP. The columns I wrote last year for the Daily News and the endless poems, which is the building block of all literature as molecules are the building block of all matter. Today I am stuck on the political message boards of the Daily News. It robs me of a certain "writing energy". But it did lead me here. This Sunday at 2PM at Robbins Book Store at 13th and Sansom, Mr. Robbins is having a New Writers Conference of new book writers. I will be there with all my effforts of humor.