Friday, January 06, 2006

See, I told you ...

... Joan Houlihan would get a lot of grief for Three Invitations to a Far Reading. (Hat tip: Rus Bowden.)


  1. But note that I haven't said (or written) word one about that silly piece.

  2. Duly noted, Ron -- though "silly piece" says a lot.

  3. .

    The Town has taken the discussion up beginning with this post:

    The Outside World: {Arts.WritersCircle.58.75}.
    (You may need to get membership, because you will be asked to log in. You can do that clicking in from the main page here: The Town.)

    As of yesterday morning, there's a new thread with comment at Choriamb here:

    Choriamb: Revisiting Houlihan's essay on Language Poetry

    And I'm linking IBPC readers into this thread.


  4. Rus
    I have to say a big thank you for linking once again but...
    having scrolled down the posts/names bla bla I now feel like I have sat through the credits after a Star Wars movie and am have migraine impending trying to keep up with the politics
    I now have a sudden and almost uncontrollable urge to write 'step' poems or moire pattern poems - you see how dreadful this has become ;-)
    I spose I should keep my big British trap shut
    (that means put up and shut up) - if I WILL blog what can I expect?

  5. Hi AnnMarie,

    This and your first comment into the discussion at I suspect . . . are both perfect responses from a poet. (So no need for my editorial or response.)

    Your blog poem from earlier today is also just so: Untitled.

    By the way, yesterday I bumped into this "brilliant" poem of yours: bedtime.


  6. Rus
    Further to how I think some cross-addressing has taken place I left you a comment over at The Block

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