Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I like this ...

... USAF (Despite Everything). (Hat tip, Rus Bowden, who informs that the poet, Hollie Hinto, is "an Air Force member who wrote it in the dessert." More here: Poetry offers tranquility to U.S. soldier.

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  1. Next day, I don't mind my assumption so much that she wrote it in a bunker. That came from this:

    "When I was in the desert I would find a secluded location, either behind some sandbags or in a concrete bunker where I could gather my thoughts to write or draw. Wherever I may be, I find a way to create my own little tranquility, and that serves as my staging table."

    It's the darn typo. :o) I mean, there she is in a bunker, eating dessert, and poetic inspiration comes.