Monday, November 13, 2006

Today's OWL report ...

... from Dave Lull:

More on James Fenton's anthology of love poems: Stop! in the name of love.

Still not talking. But that doesn't seem to get in the way of Promoting Pynchon.

Let us pray - not: The Church of the Non-Believers. (I think they're doomed. Believers breed more. Non-believers breed less. Not a successful evolutionary strategy.)

If he does say so: A Critic Has Praise for a Playwright (Himself). (I never knew the Eric Bentley-C.S. Lewis connection.)

It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood: `Passionate Parochialism.'

It's about time: Elizabeth Gaskell's resurrection


  1. The Eric Bentley-C.S. Lewis connection IS interesting. But Bentley seems to imply that Lewis was looked down upon by his academic colleagues because he was an Irishman. I thought it was because he was a Christian, an outrageous thing for an Oxonian to profess. If course, I suppose it could have been for both perceived flaws.

  2. And I never knew there was an
    Eric Bentley/still-alive connection.

  3. Anonymous8:05 PM

    I'm glad to see the essay reconsidering E. Gaskell. _North and South_ is a very good novel, and her bio. of Charlotte Bronte is a bit of a hagiography, but the only life there was of CB in the 19th century.