Friday, April 27, 2007

No longer admissible ...

... Dean at M.I.T. Resigns, Ending a 28-Year Lie.

Well, there's no doubting that she lied, amd that's certainly bad. But there's also no doubting that she did the job and did it, apparently, well. This suggests to me that, while a degree may be a desirable qualification for such a job, it is obviously not a necessary qualification. Indeed, is it not true that, in most cases these days, a degree simply functions as a union card?


  1. It makes me think of " The Emperors New Clothes."

  2. Anonymous9:04 AM

    Though she probably was very good at her job, she knowingly and intentionally represented herself in a fraudulent manner. A disgraceful action, regardless of her abilities.

    With people like this in positions of authority, is it any wonder that I have a difficult time convincing students that plagiarism is reprehensible?

  3. I agree that a degree has become sort of a union card, and the "unions" -- colleges and universities -- are themselves the cause of it to the extent that they bent with the prevailing winds of practical necessity and popular demand, which, in a democracy, perhaps they are bound to do. The nature of college/university education has changed radically in the last 40-50 years. Once a university education was regarded as education in a broad sense in the arts and sciences. Now it is regarded as a ticket/union card to a trade or profession, and students are largely trained rather than educated, an avenue that previously was limited to polytechnics. It is not the students' fault. The change has been exacerbated by mandatory courses in such ephemera as "diversity studies" and other fripperies of the moment that provide well-paid employment for narrowly educated faculty.

  4. At this point, who is more qualified for her job than her?!?

  5. Anonymous6:50 PM

    At least she wasn't a surgeon!

  6. Well, of course, you're right, Grauke. I didn't mean to suggest that she shouldn't pay the price for falsifying her credentials. I was just pointing out that her case does demonstrate that one of the official sine qua nons for the job is obviously not necessary. Anyway, I think one should go to school to be educated, not train for a job.

    By the way Susan, Fred Demara, the Great Imposter, did perform surgery successfully.