Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I'm no pessimist ...

... nor am I apocalyptic. So I can't quite subscribe to the degree of doom suggested (I think we will adapt as we always have - and invent: technological innovation should never be underestimated). That said, I agree: Thnking Greens Hate Windmills.

(Looks like Bryan is outsourcing the proofreading to The New York Times.


  1. I completely agree.

    We've been adapting for hundreds of thousands of years; why would we stop now ?

  2. Regarding thinking greens versus the future, I like to look at the issue a little more broadly - I think we all tend to put ourselves in boxes and accept certain things as orthodoxy. Generally these are simple things: DDT is always bad, wind power is always good, a certain politician is always wrong, etc. It's mentally comfortable to do so. Overcoming this tendency in order to get something useful done on a broad scale seems to be one of humanity's biggest struggles - particularly in the modern age, when Kings can't just issue orders. Humans don't seem to be motivated to action very often by deep thinking and critical comparison. We're more like grumpy monkeys trying to figure out where our next banana is coming from, and who's likely to steal it.

    (Sent a version of this earlier that may have drifted off somewhere else in cyberspace.)