Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The tyranny of Nanny ...

... or, Wowsers control news agenda, in which Nige, quite properly, deplores "the erosion of Judgment in both personal and professional life, and its replacement with legalistic structures of compliance and proscription."

Albert Jay Nock many years ago pointed out the inverse relation between state and social power: "... it follows that with any exercise of State power, not only the exercise of social power in the same direction, but the disposition to exercise it in that direction, tends to dwindle."

Here is Chapter 1 of Our Enemy, the State>

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  1. Fight the Nanny State:

    Mean Martin Manning for President


    "Everyone leaves everyone else alone."

    "The State wants to get its hands on us even before we're born. Aieee...."--Nige.