Friday, May 25, 2007

A nasty business ...

... I suppose if you're the sort who "outgrew" pondering the meaning of life, Colin Wilson is a perfect target for your disdain. But it is a bad idea to thoroughly disown one's adolescent enthusiasms - even if they include Colin Wilson. That said, this new book of his does sound rather mean-spirited.
Oops! I forgot the link: Amis: boozer. Tynan: cold. Beckett: rubbish (Thanks to Dave Lull, for jogging my brain.)


  1. I didn't know he wrote a new book.

    Anyway, I don't think that his books are about "the meaning of life" ;-)

  2. I take the theme of The Outsider and Poetry and Mysticism and even The Occult to be "the intentionality of meaning," as Abraham Maslow, often cited by Wilson, would put it. His Faculty X, I believe, grants an enhanced sense of meaning.
    What's your take.

  3. "Roger Lewis reviews [Colin Wilson's new book] The Angry Years: the Rise and Fall of the Angry Young Men . . .": in the Telegraph.