Thursday, July 26, 2007

Me and mine ...

... a shot of yours truly that Andro Linklater took of me when he was at the office for an interview.


  1. LOL. I thought *my* office was messy!


  2. I see a Romano Boodos calender with an Indian woman pasted there. What's its origin? Also, the one-liners are interesting.

  3. Huh? All of a sudden, my home office doesn't look nearly as cluttered as thought ..... on the downside, though, I', also not nearly as busy as I would like.

  4. There's a picture for a caption contest.

    Love it.

  5. I'm impressed! I thought my library was bad. I hope you don't mind, but next time a friend tells me I'm cluttered, I'll forward them to you.

    I'm with Rus, great idea for a caption contest.

  6. I'm with all of the other commenters. My office is usually an embarrassment, but now I feel compelled to reassess.

  7. I love the "god was my co-pilot" bumper sticker. It looks like you get a lot of mail. That probably doesn't help to keep things neat.

  8. Someone named Beth linked back to here in Russian:

    I posted a comment there and she banned me. She does not keep an e-mail, so when she shows poor judgment like that, banning people before she knows why a comment was posted, she gets to do it as if she can shut the world out.

    If you're reading this, Beth, I am here:; and you owe me an explanation.