Sunday, October 21, 2007

Poe doings ...

While I was away much seems to have happened on the Poe front opened by Ed Pettit.

... Carlin Romano weighed in: Quoth the blogger: Bring Poe home.

... Ed himself was on Comcast's Your Morning show on CN8, NBC10 News, Dom Giordano's radio show, and tomorrow he'll be on Marty Moss-Coane's Radio Times (91 FM. 11:00 A.M.). Here's a roundup at Ed's blog: Mo' Poe Radio.

And don't miss The Inquirer's Poe Poll. I notice that Baltimore is winning. How can this be? He wrote "The Raven" here, for God's sake. What did he write in Baltimore? I'm pretty sure I know how Baudelaire and Mallarmé and Rimbaud would vote.

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  1. Baltimore has suddenly picked up about 100 votes int he last 24 hours. How can this be? Remember one of the ways Poe may have died in Baltimore: he was kept drunk and drugged and moved from one polling station to another to cast multiple votes for certain candidates. I think something fishy's goin' on here.