Monday, October 22, 2007

Rowling reaction ...

... Fans ponder Dumbledore gay revelation. (Hat tip, Scott Stein.)


  1. "Oh my, there's not enough people talking about Harry Potter and the Last Installment of Money Grubbing at Hogwart's - whatever will we DO?"

    "Quick, think up some new controversy!"

    "Well, we could tell everybody Potter's a pansy, will that work?"

    "No, Dumbledore! What genius! Let the buzz continue - money, money, money, money, money .."


    Conflict sells tickets! Do these things come in other colors? Besides transparent, I mean.

  2. It is odd that we had to wait for the author to tell us this. After all, if it was so important, why not make it apparent in, well, the book?

  3. I think the point was that it WASN'T particularly "important," just something that JKR had in the back of her mind, and made sure wasn't contradicted in the movies, but wasn't central to the character in relation to the story of Harry Potter.

    I wasn't there, but from the reports of the event where this came out, it was sort of like, "Oh, no, he's gay! *cheers* Um, you guys really care about that? *cheers* Wow." I don't see how she was trying to be sensational at all. And, frankly, why would she bother?

    Also, apparently, a lot of people had speculated about it for some time, so it's not TOTALLY unexpected to a lot of people.

    I'm not a particular Potter fan (I haven't even read all the books), but I just find it hilarious how crazy a perfectly lovely-seeming woman who wrote an at-least-competent books series that tapped into the collective imaginations of millions and thus became a cultural phenomenon makes so many SO CRAZY. From Harold Bloom bloviating about how it's the death of lit'rature! to frothing-at-the-mouth fundamentalists wailing about Satanism and witchcraft and, now, OMG TEH GAY HEADMASTER/PEDOPHILE BECAUSE WE DON'T KNOW THE DIFFERENCE, people just get all hot and bothered.

  4. Of course she's not trying to be sensational, she has an army of zealots of every stripe that'll do that for her.

    By now HP's a franchise with devious planners, on timetables, reporting to corporate bankers with projection promises to keep, talking with her constantly about which tidbits will be most beneficial at which times.

    So the buzz it provides will max benefit the contract negotiators in bookstores, toy shops, and manufacturers reps. And all because the church crews and rights-zealots are self-actuating banner hounds looking for battlefields.

    It's hilarious!


    "You're entirely too hard on her."

    "It's an international phenomenon and you don't think it's been plotted? Wanna buy a bridge?"

    "Magic, I swear it."