Sunday, October 21, 2007

Today's Inquirer reviews ...

... Vikram Johri thinks Paul Theroux is on to something about India - and Vikram should know: More than it seems.

... Patrick Kurp isn't exactly charmed by John Cowper Powys: His one subject: 'I am I'. (Ed Pettit sends along a link to a conversation with A.N. Wilson - a Powys admirer - about Powys on the BBC's Open Book.)

... Suzanne Blair likes Laurie Kutchins's latest collection: Her riskier poems are still rooted in nature.

... Sandy Bauers didn't enjoy listening to a Tiresomely cute attempt to make science fun, interesting.

During the past week:

... Carlin Romano considered Alice Sebold's new novel: A second fictional trip into murder.

... Jen Miller got an inside look at the Chelsea Hotel: A building with a story worth telling.

... Elizabeth Fox loved some stories by a neglected Sicilian author: Portraits of Sicilian women's despair, loss.

... and Kelly Jane Torrance took a look at Nobelist Doris Lessing's latest: In the beginning - were women.

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