Sunday, November 04, 2007

Jack's back ...

... From Lowell to Legend. (Hat tip, Rus Bowden.)

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  1. I highly recommend the audio/video slideshows linked in the upper left sidebar there. The first one is called, "In Centralville He Was Born." I cannot imagine anyone being disappointed who clicks into them.

    Centralville, BTW, Kerouac's West Centralville specifically, is the section of Lowell where I've lived and raised my family for decades. East Centralville, or up on Christian Hill, the St. Michael's parish area, is where I grew up. But even as a kid, I naturally knew that St Louis parish area very well, hung out in the parks, went to friend's houses--the same pavement Kerouac would walk into. The same junior high school served both neighborhoods, no busses needed, all an easy walk.

    Just below the Slideshow links, is a link to a "Kerouac by Foot" map. After I found this page of the Lowell Sun's this morning, I took the walk re-visiting most of the spots on the map--not an uncommon walk for me to take.