Thursday, December 13, 2007

Appalling ...

... I refer to a number of the comments appended to this post of Nige's: Pratchett's Embuggerance.

I haven't read Pratchett and it hardly matters in connection with the terrible news of his illness. Like Nige, I find the manner of Pratchett's announcement wholly admirable. He deserves prayers, not gibes.


  1. Out of fifteen comments, only two were mean spirited and I would like to distance myself from them. They are, I agree, totally unwarranted. Critical opinion is very different to one's opinion of a man who has showed admirable humour when life has dealt him an unfair hand. As somebody who writes comedy (somewhat) professionally, I hold Pratchett in some esteem. Even if I’m not the biggest fan of his novels, he has always struck me an enormously decent man and I was really saddened to hear the news.

  2. The last of the comments that I see notes that "a genuine assessment or response to the work has zilch to do with biography. It does no service to literature to play the pity card. Doubt Pratchett would disagree." All of this may be true - probably is true. But to take word of an author's affliction as a signal to assess his work is, I would say, to miss the point. There are times when we can put aside criticism, are there not, and just respond to a human dilemma in a human way?

  3. Anonymous2:58 PM

    i know Steven G and he is a genuine sociopath, who on another post attacked Bryan for crying when reading a book, and then proceeded to accuse people who cry at funerals of self-pitying histrionics. In real life he is a totally cold, emotionless sociopath who despises anyone who can feel emotion.

  4. Anonymous10:44 PM

    Point taken, Frank. Pratchett deserves better treatment. Guilty. Cogito ergo doleo. Elberry, FTR, Cry-Guy Bry's post knocked me off my spots. One of the gems of the season, IMO. We see aye-to-aye on that one.