Wednesday, December 26, 2007

I'd be more impressed ...

... if he were planning to tour the Middle East: Dawkins to preach atheism to US.

I'm sorry. I read The God Delusion and was singularly unimpressed. I think Dawkins has evolved into a horse's ass.


  1. So Richard Dawkins, with his lovely assistant Lalla, is becoming a travelling snake oil and poultry tonic salesman. I wonder if the horses harnessed to his wagon will have blinders too.

  2. Frank, your header and opening line gave me a wonderful, out-loud kind of laugh ..... thank you, my friend.

  3. Anonymous10:07 AM

    Roger Miller here. If he goes on teevee and begins begging for money with tears in his eyes, then he's despicable. Until that happens, he can be considered, as a "preacher," several cuts above those preaching non-atheism, of whatever brand.

  4. Hi Roger Miller,

    Will Dawkins not answer questions directly, but, like a snake oil salesman, answer questions with questions, using assumptions like he does here:

    What if you're wrong?

    How many more ignorant people will applaud for such non-answers? The question remains for him to answer. It is the brilliant Blaise Pascal's Wager, and Dawkins should have identified it as such, and addressed it. I'll bet the woman who asked it knew precisely what she asked, and knew very well his answer was at best amateurish for someone who makes his living being a thinker.

    On church services being on television, these serve many people who have a difficult time getting out. In the USA, many nonbelievers give to churches because of the good works that come from this in the community. It is how communities work. Churches are where people go to give, and where they go when in need.

    Do some televangelists take advantage of people who who like to be part of this system of serving and giving? Of course. But, I am not sure what this has to do with what Dawkins has in mind, and how it puts him in any good light to be favorably compared to scoundrels.


  5. Well, Roger, not necessarily above those preaching non-atheism, most of whom, so far as I know, are decent, honest sorts - even if their homilies are not especially to my taste. And of course he'll be asking for money. You sure don't think he's about to do this on his own dime, do you?

  6. Anonymous9:19 AM

    Generally I'm inclined to see all this more darkly than most, but I admit we may be saved by the aping buffoonery of it all, the likes of which we haven't seen since the French abolished the Gregorian calender and instituted Thermidor, etc. T-shirts and DVD's? Dawkins's Ten Commandments (Why ten?)? Now evangelical crusades? All that is left is for them to write some hymns to inspire the faithful. There is no shortage of suggestions.