Saturday, December 29, 2007

Good point ...

... David Harsanyi on Andrew Keen: Is the Internet destroying our culture, or is it just annoying our snobs?

The problem, [Keen] maintains, is that those involved in Web 2.0 live in an echo chamber. “There isn’t a debate, and there isn’t a conversation,” he says. “They’re just listening to themselves.” If only mainstream media outlets had debated their future as often and as intensely as bloggers debate theirs, we might not have needed Keen’s book.


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  1. Indeed, indeed.

    I guess I'd have to come down on the "annoying our snobs" side of the opinions offered.

    Times of big technological change have always annoyed those who don't like change to happen faster than they can understand (or control). The democratization of the media, and the rise of citizen-journalist certainly make up for a lot of the inanity, in my opinion.