Friday, May 30, 2008

Some thoughts ...

... on Freeman Dyson and global warming. See also Does Fashionable Beat Rational When It Comes to Solving the World's Biggest Problems?

Dyson is of course right when he says that "Environmentalism has replaced socialism as the leading secular religion. " What is interesting about this is that there should be such a thing as a secular religion. Does that not suggest that, for whatever reason, the need for a religion comes with the territory of being human? It is certainly why people like Daniel Dennett and Richard Dawkins so often sound like the evangelists they deplore - and often display many of those evangelists' worst characteristics.


  1. Regarding "fashionable vs. rational" - I'd say there are two types of "fashionable" to be considered - one among scientists, economists and other experts, and the other among the media - - what gets reported and what doesn't. The latter drives much of public opinion and therefore much of public policy in democracies. From my experience, the media isn't particularly saavy with the hard numbers behind any scientific or technological endeavor, and there's also the deadline pressure to get any story out, rather than the full story out. Of course, the full story has to be read, listened to, or watched, as well. That's why I say there needs to be more nudity and violence in science.

  2. As Yellowbeard said, "a litle bit a senseless violence will do the lad some good."

  3. Mircea Eliade called man "Homo Religiosus"